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Kim Bellisimo, MFT, Healing Team

Kim Bellisimo is a healer, whose practice is based on moving energy through the heart. The heart transforms negative thoughts, anxiety, doubt and fear into a new way of being. The heart, like the brain, creates a network, but unlike the brain it doesn’t create duality or division by trying to control. The heart brings things together instead of pushing them apart. When you work with Kim, you will gain an understanding of the heart’s process, and in turn experience true intimacy as a place from which to create and become whole.

Nature Connected Forest Bathing with Kim Bellisimo at The Living Room Collective in Mill Valley

Weekly Classes with Kim Bellisimo

Nature Connected Forest Bathing with Kim Bellisimo

Livestream Tuesdays 10:00-11:00am PDT

Join Kim Bellisimo on weekly walking meditations, getting grounded in nature.  This stimulates your neural networks, activating your circuits so you are in flow. Nature is a reflection of your internal being, so spending time in nature connects you to yourself. Nature heals physical issues, helps relieve depression, and stimulate creativity. Mark your calendar for Tuesdays from 10-11am PDT. Click here to join Kim via Facebook Live Also view her past Livestream broadcasts.

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From Chaos to Creativity: An EnergyWorks Workshop with Kim Bellisimo

Thursdays 1:00-2:00pm PDT via Zoom

Join life coach, counselor, and energy worker Kim Bellisimo to learn how to transform your fear and anxiety into incredible creativity and passion.  You will learn how to connect to your inner power and create from your heart in a new, holistic way.  You will also gain the skills to activate your intuition and energy to clear out the chaos, drama, and “junk” in your life so you can clear your home, relationships, finances, and career of other people’s energy. 

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