Lora Stone

Healing team

Lora Stone trained intensively over ten years with her teacher, Sri Kaleshwar, in Penukonda, South India. She is a Senior teacher of the Ancient Indian Divine Knowledge, taught at Sri Kaleshwar’s Soul University and currently teaches in the U.S., Australia and Europe. 

Lora has worked with sacred mantras for many, many years and looks forward to sharing her knowledge with you. 

For more about Lora, please go to: lorastone.com

“Human beings, especially on this planet, have unbelievable powers inside them but they don’t know how to pull them out or how to use them in a proper way. The only want to bring out that knowledge, healing capacity, and tremendous energy is to totally connect your soul to the cosmic energy. The sages gave different types of Vedic mantras as a way to increase this soul capability. Each mantra brings super energy vibrations and makes your mind’s thoughts operate in a proper way, knowing what is good, what is bad. There is nothing else in the universe that can charge your souls with this much high frequency.” Sri Kaleshwar