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Mera Mu, Sound Healing Practitioner

Mera Mu is Certified Sound Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Performance Artist, Songwriter, and Vocalist. She leads soundbath meditations and vocal empowerment workshops around the Bay Area and is a creator of ceremonial performance art that aims to infuse the healing nature of sound, movement, archetypal storytelling, and ceremony into deeply moving and entertaining performance pieces.

Mera began her journey with sound when she was a young child, spending the first part of her life focused on performative expression through dance, theater, and singing. As a lifelong yogi, her spiritual practice innately opened her to a deeper understanding of what it means to be a muse, which led her to travel much of the world, compiling a vast knowledge of how sound and movement have been utilized by spiritual traditions throughout the ages.

Mera’s approach to “teaching” or “healing” is radical embodiment that acts as a mirror, giving permission for others to uncover their unique expression. She believes there is nothing to teach or heal, only things to re-discover within ourselves. Mera focuses primarily on the voice, breath, and movement as a tools for empowerment, healing, expansion, and expression.

Mera Mu Sound Healing Practitioner at The Living Room Collective in Mill Valley

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Instagram – @Iamladymu

Weekly Classes with Mera Mu

Therapeutic Soundbath in 3D Audio with Mera Mu

Thursdays 7:00-8:00pm PDT

This is a healing sound meditation recorded in 3d audio aimed to balance the brain hemispheres and reset the nervous system. Mera uses tuning forks, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, rattles, chimes, and other healing instruments to assist in clearing all personal and collective trauma being held in the body and energy field.  This live sound meditation is recorded in 3D binaural audio – giving each listener the experience of an immersive personal healing. >> HEADPHONES are required for the 3D sound.

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