Oana Lansman

Healing Team

Vedic scholars believe humans are born twice - dvija - we are first born to a mother and a father, and then re-born into the realm of the spirit. Just like a bird first comes as an egg and then breaks out of shell into the real world.

Oana was born and raised in Romania where she completed her finance studies before starting working in Corporate Finance in New York and later on in Canada.

Well into her career her life was re-arranged and transformed after she took her first yoga class. Soon after she committed to a daily practice and found a strong desire to share with others the experiences of physical, mental and spiritual well-being that have come to light on her yoga mat. 

Oana started studying Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga in Canada and later on in Carlsbad, CA with Tim Miller, Senior Ashtanga Yoga Teacher. Furthermore she became interested in other yoga systems and went on to study in the Iyengar and Hatha traditions completing over 1000 hours of training.

Through yoga asana Oana was led to meditation, pranayama and Reiki.  She went on to study and practice Vipassana, Mindfulness and Transcendental meditation. 

In 2016 Oana became a Certified Ayurvedic Heath Practitioner with the US National Ayurvedic Medical Association.

Oana moved to the Bay Area in 2014. She has been teaching public, private and corporate yoga and meditation classes in Sausalito, San Rafael, Mill Valley, Novato and San Francisco. 

If you are interested in Meditation, Yoga and Ayurveda, connect with Oana at oanayoga@gmail.com or follow her at www.maketimeprecious.com 

Catch her in class at www.embraceyogamarin.com