Sa Ráh

Healing Team

Sa Ráh’s career has spanned over 22 years in the medical field, working mostly in cardiac and critical care...fixing broken hearts. 

She earned her Master of Science in Nursing from Georgetown University and graduated as a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner prior to founding Adrift Consulting in 2018. 

Adrift Consulting is a concierge health and wellness company catering to clients seeking a high-touch, personalized experience. Her clients often come to her with a specific health issue or life transition crisis, and they quickly find out Sa Ráh’s approach is not your ordinary health and wellness plan, as she works with a deep knowledge of the body, how it functions, and the true origins of health and disease. Her practice is based on mind-body medicine as well as traditional healing modalities to bring about a truly integrative and deeply transformative experience. 

You may find her at

Sa Ráh is also currently offering to the group a free therapeutic listening session to support everyone in this difficult time. Click here to schedule a session.