Small group weekly offerings

Kundalini Yoga


Mondays at 10:30am - $25 

Kundalini Yoga with Christa Reynolds

Chakra Clearing


Tuesdays at 6:15pm - $25  

CURRENTLY SOLD OUT  -  New Chakra Clearing and Breath Work series beginning February 18, 2020 — 5 Week Continuation Course moving from the 4th Chakra to the 8th Soul Chakra

Opening the chakras 
will allow for the breathe to work on deeper levels of our energetic body, so one can connect with the soul and find inner peace. 

One session can be transformative, however, we have found that multiple sessions over time show profound shifts
that can truly remove old patterning and allow you to develop new patterns that support your future vision. 

Led by Christa Reynolds



Wednesdays at 6:30pm - $25


In this workshop, we use the VOICE, BODY, and BREATH as instruments to access our infinite nature in form… We will let go of Singing and learn to Sound ~ release Dancing and open ourselves to being Moved ~ Surrender doing and remember our BE-ing. 

Led by Mera Mu

>> Bring Yoga Mat, Eye Pillows, Blankets, Crystals, Essential Oils, and anything that will amplify your healing experience…

Sound Bath


Wednesdays at 7:45pm  - $25 


Mera Mu will be weaving ancient and etheric melodies of the voice with the healing vibrations of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, Gong, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Shruti Box, Sansula, Drums, rattles, Koshi Chimes and more… 

>> Bring Yoga Mat, Eye Pillows, Blankets, Crystals, Essential Oils, and anything that will amplify your healing experience…

EnergyWorks Movement


Thursdays at 6:30pm - $50


Join transformational life coach and energy healer Kim Bellisimo to learn simple energy activation practices, meditations, and how to create a blueprint for daily living.

It's time to bring in a new energy for growth, creativity, abundance, and joy!

Dance of QiGong (Starting 3/6/20)


Fridays at 11am - $25  

Dance of Qigong is movement therapy that helps you embody your heart’s innate wisdom, shining a light on the path to where your greatest health and happiness reside.

Using effective energy techniques for releasing blocked emotions, restoring mobility and improving circulation, Dance of Qigong opens the channels for love and light to come pouring through your life.

Led by Denise Aubin

Special Events

Mantra Meditation


January 13, 2020 & January 20, 2020 at 6:30pm - $25 

Led by Lora Stone 

Mantras are sacred words that have power to transform us. Japa is the silent repetition of a mantra or holy name. The easiest and fastest way to charge the soul with high frequencies and to enter deep trance meditation is through repeating the mantras revealed in the ancient palm leaf manuscripts. 

The mantras I will teach contain very powerful ‘seed’ letters, called bijas, which are like PIN numbers to the soul. These powerful seed letters are keys to unlocking the power in your soul. By repeating them, you are easily pulled into a deep trance state allowing your soul to open and experience the bliss of the cosmic energy. 

We will learn mantras and practice until everyone is comfortable, followed by a group meditation.  

ALCHEMY OF THE VOICE: A Woman's Path to Vocal Freedom


Saturday, February 1st, 1- 5PM - $77 

Led by Mera Mu & Cypress Dubin

A 1/2 day Workshop exploring Vocal Technique, Toning, Mantra, Meditation, Improvisation, and Authentic Expression.

After an experiential deep-dive into engaging and embodied vocal and sound practices, you’ll have the chance to integrate and receive via sonic transmission and sound bath meditation guided by Cypress and Mera.

Followed by a Sound Bath to open and activate the Throat Chakra.


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