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Saša Benčina, CST, Healing Team

Saša is a healer, transformational counselor, cranio-sacral and somatic therapist, and a QiGong teacher dedicated to support you awaken your healing power within. Through her presence and her intuition she effortlessly invites you back into your natural state of wholeness and well-being.

She has trained in Structural Integration, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Massage Therapy, Thomas Hanna Somatics, Qi Gong, Continuum, Body-Mind Centering, Gestalt and other body-mind healing practices. Through a synthesis of this wide range of practices and a close partnership with you, she can effectively guide you in your healing process.

“There is a healing intelligence within our body that carries the seed of our total well-being. Healing occurs when we activate the breath of life that flows through each cell of our body and meet our own heart with loving unconditional presence.”

For more info about her and to schedule a one-on-one session with her visit www.fully-alive.com

Sasa Bencina CST Healing Team

Weekly Classes with Saša Benčina

Movement Medicine: Find Your Authentic Dance with Saša Benčina

Mondays 5:30-6:30pm PDT via Zoom

Movement Medicine is a healing movement practice that invites you to connect with the wisdom of your body and to experience the profundity of how movement can heal. By attuning to your heart and following your authentic movement, your whole being begins…

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Self-Healing QiGong with Saša Benčina

Fridays 12:30-1:30pm PDT via Zoom

Self-healing Qigong aims to create deep cellular restoration and healing for your body and mind.  Effortless, flowing and natural movements combined with breath and awareness help your body regenerate, your mind to become peaceful and your heart to open. The…

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