Go with the flow in a meditative sound bath

The crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, and planetary gongs used at events such as the recent “sound bath” at Grace Cathedral.Photo: Kara Cooper, Kara Cooper Photography.

Written by Jennifer Maerz on July 14, 2016 for sfchronicle.com. Quoted from article: “On a Friday evening in May, 1,000 people lined the steps of Grace Cathedral, clutching blankets, pillows, yoga mats, eye masks and sleeping bags, awaiting entry to a sold-out event. A latecomer bounded up the steps, her disco jacket reflecting the scene…

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Stretching To Relieve Stress And Anxiety

Exercise has tons of mental health benefits, but sometimes it’s hard to do during this coronavirus pandemic. Enter these stretches. This articles is from HuffPost.com and written by Kate Bratskeir on April 24, 2020. Click here to read the full article. Quoted from the article: “The world is currently very scary and weird. We’re all acutely…

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