PTSD: the plague of our times

PTSD (Post-Traumatic-Stress Disorder) is not only a growing concern for the medical world, but a socioeconomic issue, as more and more people are diagnosed with it, whole new groups like inmates and C-section born are vulnerable and the cost of dealing with it, either by treatment or suffer the social consequences of non-treatment, are huge. New developments, like more specific biomarkers, the role of certain hormones and the consequences for life-expectancy and health, shed light on what is as yet a
too broad a diagnosis (in the DSM-V), while understanding the underlying dissociation and substitute identity formation mechanisms can help to find better diagnostic and therapeutic tools and procedures.

PTSD is associated with reduced cognitive and psycho-social functioning, fractured relationships, in ability to maintain employment, substance abuse, and increased risk of depression and suicide.

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