The Living Room Comes Alive

On a late summer evening, we brought together friends and family to greet our new space. 

Last night, we hosted our (first!) gathering at The Living Room Collective space in Mill Valley, and it was everything we had hoped it would be and more: new faces became old friends amongst the orchids and antiques, beautiful and important conversations were sparked, and music was made. It was so rewarding to see such a magical array of individuals enjoying the space. Every time I looked around the room, I saw people connecting with one another; sometimes they were laughing, sometimes they were healing; sometimes they were challenging deeply held views. But all of it felt welcoming, all of it felt warm. For me, one of the most profound aspects of the party was actually the week leading up to it. The days leading up to an event can typically be pretty stressful; caterers fall through,  decorating mishaps happen, important lists get misplaced, and wacky characters show up when you don’t really have time to deal with them. And there’s never, ever, enough time. Something felt different about this preparation week, though. From the very beginning, our team seemed to have the shared understanding that no matter what went wrong- and things definitely went awry more than once- we would stay in the joy and levity of what we were doing. 

I’m a big believer in the idea that the intention you hold while you’re creating something will shape your creation. If your process is grounded in a lot of gratitude, some focus, and a little bit of magic, the result usually will be too. 

I feel so blessed to have had another experience to affirm this belief, and I’m so excited to keep creating from a place of love and joy with the rest of the Collective. Here’s to many more sweet processes that yield gorgeous results!